Dayco Timing Belt Kits with Water Pump – 125,000 Mile Warranty Guarantee  


Welcome to our warranty registration site. Be sure to follow the prompts below to ensure your Dayco Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump (or your stand-alone Dayco Water Pump) has been registered for our industry-leading 125,000 mile (201,000 Km) warranty so that you never have to worry about a comeback claim.   

Dayco’s Timing Belt Kits with Water Pumps are designed for the most popular applications, ensuring that you have all the parts needed to perform a complete repair job. Dayco kits are designed to meet OEM specifications for passenger cars and light duty trucks. Each of the water pumps is assembled using Programmable Logic Control (PLC), providing quality data during the manufacturing process. Additionally, each water pump features 100% new cast aluminum or iron material and meets TS16949 quality standards.